My Groups Page

  • Budding HTML Gurus


    Budding HTML Gurus is the learning group where I learnt to make this website.Please visit if you are interested in learning more.

  • Advanced Tubing

    advanced tubing

    This is a yahoo group which I moderated for a couple of years.You need to have a basic knowledge of tubing and will learn to perfect your tubes.

  • Ultimate PSP

    Ultimate PSP

    Ultimate PSP is another yahoo graphics group owned by friends of mine where a small group of us share our tubes, tags, stats and chat.

  • Ultimate Shares

    This is a sister Group to Ultimate PSP. Here you can share all things PSP related

  • IMDreamsbyLindy


    IMDreamsbyLindy is another yahoo graphics group owned by a South African/Canadian friend. I am a moderator here too.For sharing stats, tags, info etc.

  • Lindy's PSP School


    Lindy's PSP and AS School is a psp10 learning group for beginners.I help Lindy here too, teaching.

  • TopDesignTubes

    Top Design Tubes

    A group where you can find some great tubes including mine.


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